Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Day

"The coalition that swept him into the White House was absent on Tuesday night, with evidence that the young, African-American and first-time voters who supported Mr. Obama failed to turn out to help the Democrats Mr. Obama had campaigned for: Gov. Jon S. Corzine in New Jersey and R. Creigh Deeds in Virginia."

Why I am not surprised? After all, these voters have never voted before the 2008 election (mostly), and they didn't do any research before the 2008 election (most likely), so why would President Obama expect them to continue to show up at the polls? The truth of the matter is, he was elected last year not only because the people in Hollywood were ALL OVER his campaign, not only because the media did a GREAT job at keeping him poised in a holy light, but also because he is of mixed race. Let's be honest here people, most, not all, of the African-American voters that came to the polls in support of Obama, did so just simply because they wanted to see an African-American president. I can't blame them for that, because we needed to cross that threshold. However, I can blame them that they trust him with our Country simply because he looks like them. All I'm asking before you hand a Country over to a man you know NOTHING about is to do a little research PLEASE!! So when I ask you "why did you vote for so and so," you can give me a good educated reason.

I'm really glad the elections yesterday show that a lot of people who had hope for a "change" in 2008, has figured out that he isn't the change we needed.

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