Thursday, November 5, 2009

Young Voters

"Last year, 23-year-old Rashida Hill watched the presidential debates, visited the college political party meetings and put a Barack Obama bumper sticker on her townhouse door. She voted for Obama because she felt like the election was about "being a part of something." But on Tuesday, the Virginia Commonwealth University student didn't bother voting in the governor's race because, she said, the candidates didn't give her anything to get excited about."

I'm curious to find out how politics can become exciting to young people. Are the issues going on within our Country not exciting enough? Are the collapsing economy and war not exciting? I know this past election wasn't for presidency, but the local candidates who were elected do have an effect on national issues as well. The problem with many young voters is they have a mentality that nothing bad will ever happen to them. They trust the government too much. Most of these voters are college students who have not yet found out what the "real world" is about. I can't say that about all of them, because there are some who are finding out now how difficult it is to obtain a job after graduation. Which brings me to my point: until these issues start to affect young people directly, they will never have the drive to cast a vote. I'm 27, and I used to be just like that, so I can sympathize. My goal is to try to educate and motivate as many voters as I can to know the issues, form an opinion and take a stand. After all, that is what America is about, is it not?

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