Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans Day


The above article is a small but touching article, and it reminds us of the cost of war and the sacrifices that are made by not only the servicemen and women, but also their families. This small story sprung out of the coverage of a much larger tragedy at Fort Hood. The journalist was in line at a Wal-Mart nearby and overheard a conversation between a young pregnant girl in front of her and the cashier. The cashier happened to ask the girl if her husband was as excited about the pregnancy as she was, and the girl responded by saying "he's not here." After a little further prodding by the cashier, the girl said he was killed in Iraq. This story is not unusual. You sometimes get to see a name or a face of a fallen soldier either in a local newspaper or on the news, but you never get to see what family he/she has left behind.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I just wanted to remind everyone to share their appreciation not only to the soldier, but also to his/her loved ones. When a soldier makes a decision to fight for our Country, their whole family is behind him/her. Without the support of their family, a soldier may never be brave enough to serve. Although Veterans Day is only celebrated one day out of the year, please never forget the sacrifices that they have made in order for our Country to be free. Please continue to show support, love and appreciation throughout these trying times of war.

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